The problem

People excluded from markets and jobs


Our research over the past 7 years has observed that more than $220M USD in consumer spending power is largely untapped in Singapore alone because of these three factors:

  • Harmful business mindsets persist related to disabilities, age, race, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. This results in limited opportunities for consumers and jobseekers from excluded groups. For example 64 per cent believe Singaporeans are willing to share public spaces but not interact with the special needs community.

  • Lack of capabilities on how to implement inclusive business practices effective. For example only 1% of businesses in Asia know how to activate niche jobseeker and consumer markets.

  • Fragmentation of inclusion sector makes it difficult for companies to focus on bottomline while navigating the diverse needs and various stakeholders in the diversity and inclusion space.

Our findings are echoed in research from the Lien Foundation, Open For Business and other organisations.

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Womens 100m Breaststroke  SB4  Timed Final  Singapores Goh Rui Si Theresa celebrates her win.jpg

Everyday we are told that something is wrong with us.

Rather than thinking that something is wrong with the environment.

- Theresa Goh, National Swimmer & Paralympian