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Does your company need help putting inclusion into action in Asia?


3 barriers prevent companies from tapping into billons of dollars of potential

Our research over the past 7 years has observed that more than $220M USD in consumer spending power is largely untapped in Singapore alone because of these three factors:

  • Lack of diverse talent across all ages, races, genders, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities.

  • Lack of know-how on how to implement inclusive business practices tailored local cultures and regulations in Asia.

  • Fragmentation in the inclusion sector that is challenging to navigate because of complexity.

Our findings are echoed in research from the Lien Foundation, Open For Business and other organisations.


How can your company benefit from Be Inclusive?

Companies in the Greater Asia-Pacific region who join our ecosystem benefit in three ways:



We design and deliver lunch and learn sessions, workshops and other training experiences tailored to your business needs. We have delivered training on unconscious bias, customer diversity and more. Our training packages are grounded in local cultural knowledge and underpinned by international best practice.


Strategic advisory

We help your company align inclusion objectives with KPIs on sales, recruitment and other business outcomes for the Asian market. Our methodology encompasses elements of the inclusive design toolkit, design thinking and with proprietary techniques build on-the-ground in Asia.


Reach over 100,000 prospective customers and jobseekers

We help you broaden your market reach by broadcasting inclusive businesses to our network of community partners that includes the Disabled Persons Association, AWARE, Pink Dot and other community partners across the region. Registered inclusive business are also featured in the Be Inclusive mobile app.


Join our inclusive business ecosystem now

The journey to becoming more inclusive may seem long and complex - we're here to make this journey easier for you.

We can help your business:

  • Improve your workplace inclusivity through learning sessions and training;

  • Gain access to over 100,000 prospective customers and jobseekers through our community partner network and mobile app; and more.

Find out how inclusion is good for business by registering your company now.



How much does Be Inclusive's services cost?

Our tiered pricing is tailored to your business. Training is customised to your needs. Do-it-yourself assessment tools are free to help you get started.

We are concerned about confidentiality of business data. What data do you share?

Confidentiality of business data is our primary concern. We do not share any data about your business without your consent. When permitted we share data about businesses through to our network of community partners. Datapoints that we share include accessibility of amenities, inclusivity information about products and services, employment opportunities and other inclusivity data that the business wants to promote.

How do you prevent businesses from falsely claiming to be inclusive?

We have a twofold approach to registration process to minimise the risk of fraud:
1) our terms of service state that businesses who register must ensure the accuracy of information they submit otherwise their registration will be denied;
2) our community partners in each market helps us verify all data submitted.

How is an inclusive business or service defined?

We define an inclusive place as a business or service that serves the diverse needs of groups most vulnerable to discrimination. The quality of wheelchair accessible ramps, restrooms accessible to transgender people, safeguards against harassment are examples of data we gather. Be Inclusive’s metrics built upon building code, international law and best practice. Extensive collaboration with grassroots groups of people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, single mother, ethnic and racial minorities and other groups across Southeast Asia and the U.S have also contributed to our framework.

The cost to make structural changes to my business premise is prohibitive. How will this affect my registration?

We acknowledge that implementing change is rarely easy. For example businesses in heritage-listed buildings are sometimes unable to implement wheelchair accessible entrances or restrooms. That said learning to accommodate diverse needs is a soft skill that need not be dependent on building structure. The first step in registration is for business owners to commit to inclusive practices, provide supporting documentation and make improvements consistently. Ultimately diverse consumers and job candidates want to see how your business translates its commitment into action over time.

How can my business be registered as inclusive?

A pilot of the Be Inclusive Business Registry will be rolled out from October 2018 onwards. Registration plus compliamentary lunch and learn sessions are free for ten qualified businesses for a limited period only. Seven open slots remain. Our trial covers companies Singapore only. Join our pilot

In 2019-2020 we will expand to Australia and Hong Kong.

If my business is not ready to be registered can we still participate in your program?

Certainly! We tailor our services according to your business needs. Our ultimate goal is to help businesses put inclusivity into action successfully. Registration is 100% voluntary for businesses.

Inclusivity starts with being welcome

The owner of Tong Ah Eating House, known to locals by his nickname Ah Wee, showed us that the lack of wheelchair accessible entrances need not be a barrier. He personally helped wheelchair users enter the premises and made sure everyone felt welcome.

Finding inclusive places is harder than one thinks

Chris explains how the needs of transgender people are often neglected by doctors. Finding a suitable doctor is a problem faced by many transgender people.

Businesses need to share more specific inclusivity information

Ammar is a movie lover. He explains why more cinemas need to do better by providing more informative listings and more services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing cinema goers.


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