More inclusive places will come if we make it easier for businesses to be inclusive

The team behind Be Inclusive in 2015 who laid the blueprints for the program that you see today.

The team behind Be Inclusive in 2015 who laid the blueprints for the program that you see today.

Be Inclusive is committed to addressing persistent discrimination against vulnerable groups by building an ecosystem of companies in Asia that use inclusion as a business strategy.

For businesses

Building a comprehensive business solution that helps Asian companies of all sizes is our priority. The Be Inclusive ecosystem encourages three key outcomes:

First, more talent is attracted to inclusive employers;

Second, more money is spent at inclusive businesses; and,

Finally, more collaboration and less fragmentation among diverse community-led organisations across races, ages, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions, cultures and backgrounds.

For consumers

The inclusion conversation in Asia will only be complete with the voices of diverse individuals. Here’s what we seek to do:

First, equalise the employment playing field for diverse talent through curated job-search tools and resources;

Second, fill the knowledge gap on the accessibility of businesses and their related products for diverse consumers.

Finally, spark enduring discussions amongst diverse individuals to guide the development of inclusive employment and services.

By working closely with companies and community partners across the Greater Asia-Pacific region, we can make a meaningful contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for reducing inequality and making cities more inclusive by 2030.

Join us and learn how inclusion is good for business.


Laurindo Garcia
Chief Executive

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