Hip hip hooray! Our crowdfunders helped us raise $25,000

Image credit: Candice Dias

Image credit: Candice Dias

[This blog post was first published on August 23, 2016 on the B-Change website]

B-Change has successfully achieved its target in the organisation's first crowdfunding campaign.

Thanks to the generous support from the community and its allies B-Change raised $25,000 USD in two months. The social enterprise will now move to enter the mobile app market with a product designed to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people (LGBTI) find health, social support, education and employment.

My team and I are grateful for the people who stepped-up and invested in a better future for our community
— Laurindo Garcia, Founder - B-Change Group

This milestone was achieved with cash donations hailing from Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. A majority of the proceeds were handled using the Crowdrise platform, unveiled at the campaign launch at MCON 2016 in Washington D.C last June.

"My team and I are grateful for the people who stepped-up and invested in a better future for our community," said B-Change founder Laurindo Garcia. "The world is increasingly hostile and many obstacles lie ahead as we tackle stigma and discrimination faced by LGBTI. Our supporters have strengthened our resolve to promote social change through technology and I'm proud to have these people as part the B-Change family."

Once built B-Change's mobile app will be a tool to help LGBTI locate nearby community-friendly places and inclusive services. Users will be invited to rate the quality of services and share local knowledge that is otherwise difficult to access. Businesses, grassroots organisations and government agencies will have opportunities to use the app as a platform to demonstrate their commitment to inclusion.

By working in partnership with app users B-Change will gather data that ultimately helps strengthen advocacy for greater inclusion of LGBTI and other groups.

Although the crowdfunding campaign was success many challenges lie ahead for the start-up social enterprise that recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. "Hitting our crowdfunding goal was a critical first step. It will help us deliver and beta-test version 1.0 of our app," Garcia explains. "However more resources will be needed to continually enhance the app's user experience over the months and years to come. We're in this for the long haul and I am confident that more people will see value in our mission and invest in our work as we progress."

Ashoka Philippines, Levi Strauss Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme and USAID are among the organisations who have supported B-Change since its inception in 2011. Of equal importance are the people behind B-Change. "I want to celebrate the expertise and tireless effort demonstrated by the staff, directors, trustees and advisers who are the heart and soul of the organisation," Garcia added. "it's because of these people that we are here today."

B-Change acknowledges the support of following individuals who have contributed to the well-being of LGBTI in Asia and around the world:

  • Yap Kim Hao
  • AJ Khoo
  • Jonathan S.  Gonzales
  • Pam Oei
  • Leigh Pasqual
  • Peter & Philip
  • Ivy, Atom, Ahimsa and Alex Arce
  • Ming Poon
  • Harris Zaidi
  • Ryan Blunt
  • Michele Klyne
  • Tim
  • Elaine & Baxter
  • Jason Penaloza
  • Frank Walter
  • Matthew Baird
  • Jordan Fenton
  • Yin
  • Andre Nguyen
  • Kim Han
  • Susanne
  • Alex Noone
  • Yvette, Barney & Isis
  • Allan Fernandez
  • Jeanne Lim
  • Sonny San
  • Tobi & Sha-Mayn
  • Paul & Hossan
  • Andreas
  • Steve Austin
  • Steven
  • Chee Chuan Yang & Aaron Tan
  • Richard and Mark
  • Geoffrey Longstaff
  • Wilfred Macrow
  • G&T
  • Brendon Fernandez
  • CN
  • Jeff & Nick
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Zky Dennis Sim
  • Neal Rudge
  • Avan
  • Luka Skandle
  • Joe Henderson-Tang
  • Rob Morrison
  • Mark Aldie
  • Douglas White
  • Dan Lichauco

Each member on this list will be acknowledged in our mobile app when launched.

More contributions to support our mission are welcome! Find out how you can help.