Explorer's Mission #1: Rate your favourite inclusive place

Calling all Be Inclusive Explorers!

Welcome to your first mission! If you choose to accept it, your goal is as follows:

Rate a place that you know is inclusive


  1. Use the app to search and find inclusive place(s) you know and love.

  2. Send us your feedback about your experience via the Be Inclusive Explorer tab inside the app (My Settings > Be Inclusive Explorer).

Your feedback will help us improve.

Deadline: Friday, July 21, 2017

This mission ends at 11:59pm (Singapore time; +8hrs GMT).

Additional Instructions

  • You can rate one or more places.
  • You can choose any type or category of place (e.g. cafe, clinic, hotel, gym, community centre, etc - the choice is yours!)
  • The places that you choose can be nearest you or anywhere around the globe.
  • In order to rate places you will need to register as a Be Inclusive user.
  • Please be sure you have downloaded the latest version (1.2.0) from the Apple App Store.

1. Rate the inclusiveness of a place


2. Send feedback so we can improve