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Selena is the CEO of a fast-growing Singapore startup that is expanding rapidly in Asia-Pacific.

Despite being personally committed to inclusion, Selena’s human resource (HR) team is so busy trying to fill headcount, they lack the capacity to cultivate an inclusive workplace. Currently, her startup consults multiple community groups to find diverse top talent – which the team sees as a long and tedious process.

Selena wants her team to acquire better tools to recruit top talent more inclusively. She was elated to see her team diversifying talent more efficiently with Be Inclusive’s tools. Her team also became more self-motivated to implement inclusive business strategies as they begin to see value in harnessing diverse experiences to court undiscovered market segments, ultimately carving out a niche in the regional marketplace.

Here’s how we can help you do business more inclusively and succeed:

Learning & Development Content

Educate your employees and bolster productivity through an inclusive workplace culture.


Selena knows productivity and innovation are underpinned by an inclusive workplace culture. Oftentimes, she is busy fighting fires and lacks time to find best practices to build inclusive teams. With Be Inclusive’s learning & development library, Selena saves time with essential guides, templates and other tools at her fingertips while ensuring values of inclusivity guides her team in conducting business.

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Add-on services


Reinforce your values of inclusivity with your employees.


Wary about unconscious workplace bias, Selena applied for Be Inclusive’s signature de-biasing training programme. In a localised 90-minute workshop, Selena and team learnt to check their own unconscious bias via immersive role play scenarios. Now, her team is confident in minimising bias in hiring and promotions. Pleased with the training outcomes, Selena has since signed her team onboard Be Inclusive’s lunch-and-learn sessions centred around diversity and inclusion topics.

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Strategic Advisory

Plan for success in your inclusion journey.


Selena understands her company must rethink its long-term business strategies to integrate inclusive practices. After tapping on Be Inclusive’s bespoke strategic advisory service, Selena successfully realigned her company’s vision and goals with inclusivity as a driving force. Periodically reaching out to us for advice, she is now working on updating her startup’s resources – from policies, procedure manuals to employee evaluation framework – to accommodate the needs of her diverse workforce.

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Employer Showcase

Tell jobseekers and customers that your company is inclusive.


Selena is aware that her startup needs to declare its commitment to inclusivity. Previously, she struggled to find effective, time-saving platforms to connect with underrepresented communities. That is – until she signed Be Inclusive’s Inclusive Business Pledge and had her startup listed on the Inclusive Business Registry. Recently, Selena’s team notified her that numerous people who are part of Asia’s disadvantaged and vulnerable groups have applauded their move to go public with this announcement.

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Add-on services

Attract diverse top talent organically.


As a rapidly expanding startup, Selena aims to diversify her team with top talent from various disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. After tapping on Be Inclusive’s Employers’ Showcase, Selena learnt to amplify her company’s inclusivity journey and bring it to life via shareable content on our registry platform. The result? Selena’s company video garnered over 1,000 social media shares amongst diverse jobseekers, attracted over 50 job applicants, and 5 diverse individuals were recruited to join her core strategic team.

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Reach more customers with less ad spend.


Selena knows her company needs a targeted marketing approach to help her reach more customers with less spending. In a digital marketing campaign planned with Be Inclusive, her team identified the untapped market of tech professionals with disabilities and successfully marketed its inclusive services to them. Ever since the campaign was showcased on our Buyers’ Marketplace with over 100,000 potential customers, throngs of people have flocked to support Selena’s company. To date, her team has sold 10,000 product units, and this figure is set to grow exponentially.

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