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Image Source:  Alexandre Godreau /Unsplash

Image Source: Alexandre Godreau/Unsplash



We are at a tipping point where more people are demanding a more inclusive future. While many Singapore business leaders may want to be inclusive, they face these challenges:

  • Lack of success stories showcasing Asian business leaders who improve bottomline using inclusive practices;

  • Existing legal frameworks for promoting diversity and inclusion in Asia are uneven;

  • Persistent unconscious bias in employment and marketing processes.

Be Inclusive helps Singapore business leaders succeed in translating inclusive values into direct business outcomes.


Rising stakeholder expectations

Numbers of socially-conscious customers, employees and investors are growing. Having inclusive business practices gives your company the edge when tapping into the combined spending and investment power of socially-conscious buyers, ultimately boosting your company’s reputation. In fact, the estimated purchasing power of the LGBTQ community in Asia alone is US$1.1 trillion.

Inclusive practices save recruitment and marketing dollars

Maximise your marketing and recruitment dollar by explicitly including LGBTQ, minority women, people with disabilities and other underrepresented consumer groups as part of your target audience. Our research has found that underrepresented jobseeker and consumer groups have higher rates of word-of-mouth referrals and brand loyalty for brands known for their diversity and inclusion.

Inclusive teams outperform their competitors

Teams that include diverse capabilities and perspectives work faster, smarter and better. They are quicker to identify and remedy potential blind spots that homogenous teams overlook. In several experiments held in Singapore, financially-savvy participants were split into either ethnically diverse or homogenous teams and tasked to price stocks. Consistently, diverse teams were 58% more likely to price stocks accurately and made fewer pricing errors than homogenous ones.


Being inclusive is a journey for every C-Suite executives and business leader. Be Inclusive helps leaders succeed inclusively by:

  • Help leaders raise awareness and educate employees and other stakeholders with content and resources tailor-made for the Asian business environment.

  • Helping inclusive companies attract top talent and reach more customers with tools that reach over 100,000 diverse people in Singapore through Be Inclusive’s coalition of community partners.

  • Opening up business opportunities with like-minded companies through networking events.

Be Inclusive’s tools and resources are underpinned by international best practice. Action for AIDS, Disabled People’s Association, Pink Dot, Pink Fest, the Professionals with Disabilities Network (PwD) and a growing number of community organisations leverage Be Inclusive’s platforms for the benefit of their beneficiaries.

A company’s journey to become an inclusive business starts with leaders pledging their commitment. Once pledged, companies automatically get listed in the Registry of Inclusive Businesses.


The pledge is a two-step process that involves:

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1) Public commitment to diversity and inclusion by signing the Inclusive Business Pledge

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2) Letting diverse individuals know the accessibility at your place of business