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Be rewarded by these participating establishments


More establishments are signing up everyday. You can join the ranks of these inclusive businesses.

Simply email us and on of the Be Inclusive team will contact you about onboarding your business or service into our database.


Why explore the inclusive side of Singapore?


Often times in the hustle to keep businesses running, people with disabilities, single mothers, transgender people and other diverse groups are forgotten or misunderstood.

Singapore will become a more inclusive city only if we work together and help grow the number of places and services where people across diverse communities can feel safe, fairly treated and accepted.


How will our campaign work?

Help us create a map of inclusive places in central Singapore by using the Be Inclusive app to gather data about the most inclusive healthcare, food and beverage outlets, entertainment and nightlife establishments!  

We will be giving rewards to Be Inclusive app users who map out inclusive businesses and services while completing various missions from November 22 to December 2, 2017.


Step 1: Download The app

You can find Be Inclusive on the iTunes App Store. Download the app now to your iPhone or iPad. It's available for free!

Step 2: Select and Complete a mission

Complete any low, medium or high-difficulty missions such as finding deaf-friendly cinemas or rating your favourite transgender-friendly bar

Step: 3: Redeem Rewards

Use the Be Inclusive points to redeem exciting rewards like meal vouchers, free karaoke night, and many more!