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How inclusive is your business?


Why is knowing your business inclusivity important?

According to the Lien Foundation and other research organisations, many owners want their business to be safe, accessible and welcoming of people with disabilities, diverse women, LGBTQ and other groups, but don’t know how to implement or assume the changes to be costly. Assessing your company's inclusiveness towards diverse customers and employees is a logical first step that helps you gather the facts and puts you on the surer path to improvement.

Secondly, savvy business owners are preparing themselves for a shift in consumer consciousness. Millennial consumer base their consumer decisions on ethics and transparency. Research has found that 70% of millennial consumers expect brands to have a stance on social or environmental issues. 

Finally, risk of reputation loss or legal action can be mitigated if businesses implement policies and practices that are inclusive of diverse consumers and employees. 



Improve the inclusivity of your business

Taking stock of your inclusivity is just as important as taking stock of your company’s assets. The first step to improving your inclusivity is to become more conversant in the critical factors that diverse consumers and employees expect when looking for businesses like yours. 

Be Inclusive can help you on this journey and add value to your business in the following ways.


A 360-view from diverse Consumers

By working with diverse grassroots consumer groups we have built a unique framework for determining inclusivity. Our framework combines criteria for wheelchair accessibility, inclusiveness of transgender people, safety for diverse women and much more.


workplace inclusivity Support

Learn how you can attract better talent, build a resilient team and retain a loyal workforce through policies and practices that are promote diversity within your business. Be Inclusive tailors its resources specifically for small and medium enterprises.


access to customised consultancy and training

By working in conjunction with Aware, SG Enable, Oogachaga, T-Project and other partners Be Inclusive makes it easier to access a network of world-class inclusivity experts, We can match you with the right consultant who can help you through various stages in your journey and achieve better results. Training workshops are available upon request. Options are available for businesses outside of Singapore.

Self Assessment Service


One assessment per location

Available Now
  • Do it yourself online assessment
  • Unlock customised advisory session for $99
  • Available on-demand

Enhanced Assessment


one-time fee/per location

Best value
  • One hour on-site expert assessment
  • Customised troubleshooting and recommendations
  • Book at your convenience

Be Inclusive Certification


annual fee

Starting October 2018
  • Special PIONEER bookings available from July 2018
  • One hour on-site expert assessment
  • Customised troubleshooting and recommendations
  • Conducted annually
  • Annual certificate of inclusivity
  • Shopfront and website badges
  • Certified profile on Be Inclusive app
  • Priority search ranking


Customised consultancy

Receive customised support from inclusivity experts to help make your business more inclusive. Customised consultancy packages are available upon request. Enquire now.


Training workshops for small business owners and staff will soon be announced soon.

Our training is offered in conjunction with Aware, Oogachaga, SG Enable, T-Project and other expert organisations. Sign-up to receive notifications.



How much does it cost to be assessed?

We have a range of options to suit your business. From free do-it-yourself online assessments to customised on-site consultation.

How do you prevent businesses from falsely claiming to be inclusive?

We have a threefold approach to minimise the risk of fraud:
1) our terms of service state that businesses who enrol must ensure the accuracy of information they submit otherwise their service will be denied;
2) app features enable users to report scams or fraud; and,
3) independent audits are conducted annually by the Be Inclusive team in all our markets.

How is the inclusivity of a place defined?

Quality of wheelchair accessible ramps, child-friendly menus, restrooms accessible transgender people are some examples of metrics we gather. Be Inclusive’s metrics are the result of extensive collaboration with grassroots groups of people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, single mother, ethnic and racial minorities and other groups across Southeast Asia and the U.S.

The cost to make structural changes to my business premise is prohibitive. How will this affect my assessment?

We acknowledge that implementing change is rarely easy. For example we acknowledge in some rare cases implementing wheelchair accessible entrances and restrooms may not possible for your business. Owners who are transparent about their limitations will reap great value from the assessments. Ultimately diverse consumers and job candidates want to see how your business translates its commitment to inclusivity into action.

How can my business be certified as inclusive?

We are offering certification services to business owners from October 2018 onwards. We are accepting advance bookings now. Upon receiving your request the Be Inclusive team will conduct an audit to determine your eligibility. An inspection may be required. If your business is eligible, the inclusivity certification will be issue to your business. Each business is charged a fee to cover the cost of processing the certification. Certified businesses are invited to renew their certification annually.

Inclusivity starts with being welcome

The owner of Tong Ah Eating House, known to locals by his nickname Ah Wee, showed us that the lack of wheelchair accessible entrances need not be a barrier. He personally helped wheelchair users enter the premises and made sure everyone felt welcome.

Finding inclusive places is harder than one thinks

Chris explains how the needs of transgender people are often neglected by doctors. Finding a suitable doctor is a problem faced by many transgender people

Businesses need to share more specific inclusivity information.

Ammar is a movie lover. He explains why more cinemas need to better with more informative listings and more services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing cinema goers.


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