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Imagine a CEO of a fast-growing Singapore startup named Selena.

Despite being personally committed to inclusion, Selena’s human resource team is busy trying to fill headcount as the company expands across Asia-Pacific. Attempts to cultivate diversity in the workplace have repeatedly ended up on the back-burner. In the past, Selena’s team consulted multiple community groups to find diverse talent, but her team thought the process was long and tedious. Selena knew it would be a hard sell to get her team to try again, even though she knew it was the right thing to do.

Selena realised that she would have more luck convincing her team that inclusion was good for business by showing them how inclusivity can attract talent and delight customers. She needs better tools that will embed inclusivity into day-to-day recruitment and business development.

Here’s how Selena could succeed at doing business more inclusively:

Learning & Development Resources

Gain knowledge about inclusive business that you can share


Selena knows productivity and innovation are underpinned by an inclusive workplace culture that brings out the best from team members. Oftentimes, she is so busy fighting fires she lacks time to find best practices to build inclusive teams. With Be Inclusive’s business guides, templates and other tools at her fingertips, Selena would spend less time researching and more time supporting her team. She would gain peace of mind knowing that the tip or tools her team uses everyday reinforce the value of doing business inclusively.

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Provide your team with skills to win inclusively


Selena knows that her fast growing team is under pressure to perform. With all the new hires, she is wary about unconscious bias and workplace harassment creating a toxic environment at work. Most of the training she has seen in the past were dull and not relevant to the Asian business environment. Selena would be delighted to find local subject matter experts through Be Inclusive who offer customised workplace inclusion training underpinned by diverse, Asian perspectives. By establishing a culture of respect Selena’s growing team would find work to be a safer, welcoming place where they can be themselves and perform their best.

Learn more about the skills workshops on offer through Be Inclusive’s community-led training toolkit.


Strategic Advisory

Leverage inclusivity in your plans for success


Selena is retooling her company’s long-term strategy and needs her team to think outside of the box to maintain its competitive edge. In the past she had tools that promoted more team creativity and innovation, but after her team lost interest in the old solutions she started looking for something different. By tapping into Be Inclusive’s strategic advisory services, Selena would be better equipped to help her team uncover previously hidden business opportunities, improve performance and reignite the creative spark.

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Inclusive business PLEDGE & Registry

Tell the world you do business in Asia inclusively


Selena views herself as a strong, socially conscious business leader who lives by her values everyday. Although she is pleased her company is growing fast, she is increasingly frustrated by the lack of time and ability to embed her values into the company’s DNA as the team grows. Reports that consumers are increasing scrutinising the inclusivity of companies have become a wake-up call for Selena. Her frustration would ease after learning that Be Inclusive’s Inclusive Business Pledge could be used as a conversation starter for her team, deepen a sense of purpose at the company and reach over 100,000 diverse jobseekers and customers.

Strengthen your company’s reputation by signing the Inclusive Business Pledge. Pledge signatories automatically get listed on Be Inclusive’s Registry of Inclusive Businesses.


Inclusive business Pledge & Registry Add On: Employer’s Showcase

Position yourself as an inclusive employer to attract more diverse talent


As a rapidly expanding startup, Selena needs diverse perspectives in her team to minimise blind spots in strategy, product and customer service. Selena believes that diversity in the workplace would spur team creativity and innovation. She has seen news reports about high rates of unemployment of talented disabilities, women, LGBT and other underrepresented jobseekers due to discrimination. She tried to diversify her recruitment in the past but found the process slow and haphazard. Selena would be able attract more diverse talent with less effort by publishing her inclusive business story on Be Inclusive’s Employers’ Showcase.

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Inclusive business Pledge & Registry Add On: Buyer’s Marketplace

Use inclusive marketing to reach more customers with less ad spend


Selena needs a targeted marketing approach to help her company reach more customers with less ad spend. She has tried using one-off corporate social responsibility to market her brand in the past but these initiatives failed to deliver recurring business outcomes. Meanwhile, millions of customers with disabilities, women, LGBT and other underrepresented consumer groups are left largely underserved by businesses. By joining Be Inclusive’s Buyer’s Marketplace, Selena would be able to unlock the potential of over 100,000 diverse customers, She would also meet large inclusive corporations who are eager to do business with vendors who share similar values.

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