Let your new customers know about your company’s accessibility

Image Source:  Business vector created by macrovector  - www.freepik.com

Image Source: Business vector created by macrovector - www.freepik.com


Congratulations! By formalising your corporate commitment to inclusion you’ve made the first crucial step to attracting and retaining more talent, reaching more customers and strengthening your company’s reputation using inclusive business practices.

What’s next?

Our job is get your company into our inclusive business registry as quickly as possible. We want to tell the world that your company is inclusive!

Every company in our registry receives a custom built profile page. Each profile contains accessibility information about your place of business.

Here’s where we need your help. Please deliver your company’s accessibility information using the forms below within 30 days of initiating your registration. We suggest rallying your whole team behind this process. Getting everyone involved is a simple way of raising awareness and putting your commitment into action.

Our accessibility modules include:

  1. Amenities for Blind or visually-impaired people

  2. Amenities for Deaf or hard-of-hearing people

  3. Amenities for Walking Aid Users

  4. Amenities for Wheelchair Users

  5. Child Friendly Amenities

  6. Amenities for Transgender people

  7. Workplace Inclusivity

Each module has been built with extensive participation from diverse grassroots groups. We’ve put a lot of work into making these modules easy to use and business-friendly.

Worried that your place of business is not very accessible?

It would be awesome if every place in the world had perfect levels of accessibility. But in reality we know no place is perfect. What we need for our registry is factual information about accessibility at your place of business. Your honesty will help thousands of people in our network be better prepared when they visit you.

Company Status

Your company’s status in the inclusive business registry is dependent on the number of accessibility modules you complete:

    1. Gold Status = all seven modules completed within 30 days.

    2. Silver Status = four modules completed within 30 days.

    3. Bronze Status = one module completed within 30 days.

    4. Blue Status = no modules completed within 30 days.

Your status is valid for 12 months and subject to renewal. Any changes to accessibility at your place of business must be shared upon renewal, and we can help you update your profile at any time.

How your company benefits

By delivering accessibility information you complete your registration process and receive the following benefits:

  • A custom built profile page in our inclusive business registry that reaches over 100,000 people in Singapore.

  • Regular updates, inclusive business guides, resources and opportunities to network with like-minded businesses.

  • An 'Inclusive Business' badge for display on your company website.

  • Employer and marketing tools (enabled for companies with Bronze status and above).

Got questions or need help?

Message us via Facebook or via LinkedIn for a rapid response.