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The road to succeeding as an inclusive business in Asia is complex

In the quest for top talent and increased market share, Asia's corporate leaders are increasingly aware that inclusive business practices help companies gain the competitive edge, but uptake has been slow compared with Australia, Europe and the U.S.




Employees are frustrated by lack of inclusivity

Many employees in large corporations have told us of their frustration over the lethargic pace in building inclusive cultures and workplaces in Asia. A recent survey found that 60% of employees in Singapore want their company to be more inclusive. People we have interviewed tell us they feel powerless to bring about positive change at their company.


Founders struggle to balance values with business outcomes

Founders of startups and small-medium enterprises are often highly motivated to help disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the community. Yet these founders are often under strain due to the fast growth of their teams. They lack the capability to implement inclusive employment practices and often face pushback from skeptical stakeholders.


Legal frameworks for inclusion are uneven

Unlike Australia, Europe and the U.S., regulatory frameworks that encourage companies to implement inclusive practices in employment, procurement, customer service and marketing are weak and uneven. The decision to be inclusive rests with individual companies creating inconsistencies and inequity in the market.


Who has the solution?

The journey starts with you

Employees in large corporations and founders of smaller companies need easier access relevant information that helps them educate their stakeholders on how inclusive business practices can deliver direct business outcomes in Asia.


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